Educate and Engage with Social Media Marketing

As the search landscape changes, along with how people connect, social media marketing is becoming an ever-more important part of crafting a winning digital marketing campaign. The popularity of social media has grown considerably, creating vast opportunities for everyone – from small business owners to chief marketing officers.

Social media marketing can be a powerful tool for gaining and retaining customers, but it can also lead to brand dismissal and wasted marketing budgets if not carefully managed.

Going Social with Your Digital Marketing
CORE Interactive is a full service social media marketing agency located on Long Island, NY and offers complete social media marketing programs for businesses that are ready to step into the future of internet marketing.  Static content has become a thing of the past, and our cutting-edge strategies for engagement ensure that when your customers are looking for a brand with personality, a solution to a problem, and an ear to listen – you’ll be right there in a variety of social platforms to greet them.

Social Media Marketing with CORE Interactive provides a wide variety of benefits:

Focused Engagement – Social media marketing allows you to connect with current customers, effectively educating them and providing a consistent path to a solution.  Social media has become the number one method for retaining customers and building sales.

Maximum Visibility – Creating a Facebook page isn’t enough.  CORE Interactive works with you to establish your brand on a variety of social platforms where your audience spends time online.  No matter where they look, they can find your brand among the most popular social networks, forums and more.

Merging Online and Offline – Social media marketing brings your offline and online marketing together.  Traditional marketing materials that incorporate social media profiles can improve new business and help existing customers connect with you.

A Step Above Advertising – Advertising generates short-term revenue; social media marketing generates interest through community engagement.  Learn what your customers like, what they want to hear, their pain points, their interests and more.  All of that can be utilized to grow and refine your digital marketing strategy, effectively boosting your revenue at a reduced cost compared to traditional advertising.

Social Media Marketing Services

At CORE Interactive, we don’t limit our social media marketing to specific platforms.  Since every business is different, the way you communicate with your audience must be different as well.  When you work with CORE Interactive, we create a fully customized social media marketing strategy tailored to your business, including the best platforms for customer engagement.

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